Outreach. Educate. Serve.


The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness for Louisiana’s homeless by providing outreach to our peers, education to the community, and service beyond our college campus.

Fall 2019 Meeting Dates

September 5th
September 25th 
October 10th 
November 6th
November 21st

All meetings are held at 7 PM in 155 Coates Hall except for the September 25th meeting, which will be held in 152 Coates Hall

About Us

9.04.17 Encounter  – Established at LSU in 2017 –

Encounter was founded by the guiding belief that Louisiana’s homeless deserve love, compassion, respect, and dignity.  We believe individuals should not be defined or valued by circumstances that lead to homelessness.  United by humanity, the members of Encounter strive to raise awareness for those without a home, to serve our neighbors in times of need, and to reverse the stereotype that surrounds the homeless community, one encounter at a time.

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Community Involvement




LSU Love Purple, Live Gold Commitment to Community Award for the LSU Campus Life 2017-2018 year.